The world is merely a virtual reality!

It is no coincidence that you have landed on this page. Certain circumstances were set in motion so that you would inevitably find this text one day. What I am now about to explain to you is something you may well not believe at first. But it is perfectly normal for you to have doubts, as the shock would otherwise be too great. It is better for you to experience it through the following dubious text than to be confronted directly with the truth. You will have to experience it one day anyway. Everyone experiences it sometime in their life: The world you live in is merely a virtual reality! I will now explain to you how you have become part of it.

You can surely imagine the progress made in the technical development of virtual reality in the past centuries. At the start, we were only able to visually and audibly simulate an artificial environment using special glasses or helmets. Later on, we used whole-body suits that had the capacity to create the illusion of an artificial world for our other senses as well. Ultimately, we were even able to influence neural pathways and project sensory perceptions directly into the consciousness.
It is also possible in our present day and age to reveal or block out memories so that you no longer know, nor are able to determine, whether the environment is real or virtual – and this state can be maintained for hours, days, years or for the apparent time span of an entire lifetime. In just the same way that you watch a movie in the evening, we now connect to a virtual reality machine. You are also in such a device at the present moment. Does this kind of a scenario seem somehow familiar to you? The books and films you are now thinking about were there to slowly prepare you for the truth.

You are therefore in a virtual reality. What does all this mean? A few preliminary considerations are necessary here. Our current future world appears much more peaceful than often described in science fiction stories. Today’s future world would be a paradise from your viewpoint. You only need to direct your thoughts – and the next moment almost every wish can be fulfilled. Everything is available. There are robots, machines and the corresponding technologies for everything. Work is no longer necessary. But it is just this lack of problems that is the problem. It is no longer necessary to cooperate, help one another, form interpersonal relationships, think, learn and strive towards a goal. That puts us in jeopardy of becoming stultified or degenerate. However, we have discovered how to come to grips with this problem. An important way of going about this is with the method of virtual reality. We therefore use virtual reality in order to learn how to live. That is the whole purpose.
In these virtual roleplaying worlds, we train our will, our understanding, our fantasy, our needs and skills for cooperation and mutual help, and our ability to get along with one another.
We can immerse ourselves in everyday situations from the past, including those of the 21st century, thereby gaining an impression of what good and evil is, what certain deprivations such as illness and death mean and, in this way, constantly experience anew how uniquely fresh and worthwhile life actually is.
And admittedly, we often experience the craziest adventures for the sake of entertainment in virtual realities – even ones that would blow your mind. If we so choose, we can also use this technology to link our thoughts to one another and fully put ourselves in the roles of other people, thereby sharing their feelings.
This means the future world essentially consists of roleplaying worlds. These virtual worlds have practically become our home. And you yourself are in one of these worlds right now.

It may well be the case that you are sitting in a virtual reality machine in your living room right at this very moment. Your past memories have been temporarily disabled as long as the "movie" is playing, so to speak. Decades pass subjectively, but in reality the whole experience is only 90 minutes. Once you finally awake from your virtual dream, the new experiences will flood into your original personality. All this is perfectly possible.

But assume instead that you were born into this virtual reality. That you are really yourself. The people of the future have decided not to put their descendants directly into this infinitely diverse future world, but instead let their children grow up in a somewhat less complex, yet instructive and problem-oriented world.

Your first years of life are the most important. The people closest to you are always those who have taken on this role – irrespective of whether they are aware of the virtual reality or are as equally as unaware as you.
Your virtual world has been created in exact imitation of the world at the time and place where historical events actually occurred. So you see, this recreated world is not so "virtual" after all, but corresponds to the real world of that time. In fact, you can also get to know history along the way.
So why exactly was the beginning of the third millennium chosen for you? It was important for you to initially believe your world to be real. If you had been placed in the world at a later century, at a time when virtual reality was already commonplace technology, you would then have become convinced relatively early on that your world is not real and may have lost interest in seriously mastering your virtual life. But sincerity was important for your development from the outset.
An earlier century would not have been favorable either. If the middle ages had been chosen, for example, it would have been a real culture shock for you to enter our future world.
During your life in the virtual reality, it is important that you only slowly and gradually become aware that your life is unfolding in a virtual world; otherwise, you might not be able to make the transition into the future world without suffering psychological harm.
There is only one period of time in history that works well: The beginning of the information age is ideally suitable for a gradual and dawning realization about the virtual quality of the world you live in, as you can experience firsthand how better and better artificial worlds are created with computers over the course of time and how progress is advancing at an accelerating pace.
It is also an era in which you can learn the most and which provides ample stimulation for reflection and activity. This is because there are so many unresolved questions, pending decisions, upheavals, problems, and conflicts. Rich and poor, war and peace, new and old, different cultures, and a whole lot more exist side by side in harmony and conflict. Try to take in as much of this as possible. Perhaps for the first time you will now be able to gain something positive from this seemingly insane age in which you "live."

Not everything will be revealed here though, as I do not want to spoil your fun in coming to terms with the new situation. But a few suggestions and tips are nevertheless in order to help you along the way. You need to be clear about one thing: After entering the future world, any wealth, money, privileges, and place on the career ladder that you may have will no longer have their original significance. This is easy to understand, as practically nothing is lacking in our future world. You might be smiled at in sympathetic pity if you for some reason were to insist on your privileged status over your fellow human beings. It would then be pointed out to you that you have misunderstood something in this game. You would have scored a low number of points, in effect, and would be encouraged to enter another virtual life (perhaps without obscuring your previous memories).
To avoid any misunderstanding here: There is nothing wrong with money, etc. But it is merely play money. The crucial thing is what you do with it. You can invest it in something useful or you can waste your virtual life in vacuous pleasure.

The most important things that you can take with you to the real world are your memories and skills, your character, and the relationships you have established with other people. This is your most valuable property, so to speak. But you need to spend time and effort on these – after all, they are the whole purpose of your stay in virtual reality.

I have not told you the best part yet, but you may well have been able to guess it: You are being observed. You might believe you are all alone in a difficult situation, but that is not the case. We share your hopes and feelings and are pulling for you! It is usually only a few that are watching, though it sometimes can be thousands or even millions. We wish to learn something from your successes – and especially from your mistakes. It is also unavoidably the case – for technical reasons, you could say – that we can read your thoughts and put ourselves in your shoes in order to better empathize with you.

Remain skeptical during your life as to whether your world is truly virtual! It is the only way for you to take life seriously. Even if you are convinced that it is virtual, please pretend that you believe it to be real. You can commit minor indiscretions if no harm is done by this – nor should you avoid the many pitfalls and awkward mistakes lying in wait for you, as you can learn from them – but never do something really stupid! We have made sure that this will be punished severely. You have already noticed that you can feel pain. This is not meant as a threat. It is not us who will punish you, but the virtual life simulated to be true to every original detail. Your virtual world has been designed to be so real that it cannot be told apart from the real world. You should take the world seriously and yet regard it as a game at the same time. Life is therefore a serious game in this virtual world.

Do you have big goals for your life? Try to achieve them! But now you know: It is no longer necessary to kick yourself every day because realizing your dreams is still in the far distant future. Your day-to-day work is much more important and interesting than the brief moment of success in reaching a goal. The journey to your destination is more significant than the destination itself. It is only along the way that can you learn something about your life.

Perhaps you are the only person in your world who was still unware of the virtual nature of the world. This world has therefore been created solely for you. Your acquaintances and relatives and everybody else you interact with are of course real people. They have linked into your virtual reality and have simply taken on a role.
However, there may still be a vast number of other learners in your world. The world would then be made up of a mixture of unknowing learners, learners in the know (like you now), and role players from our future world.

A typical life situation: Someone is provoking you. He is attempting to communicate with you in an unpleasant way. It may simply be a role player who is testing you or placing you in a situation where you have to prove yourself. You might have the urge to begin laughing at the person who is provoking you at this point. But do not do this! It would be a bad move in the game. You need to pretend that you are taking the other person seriously. At the same time, you can now concentrate on objectively solving the conflict – without being plagued by negative emotions. You will discover that many conflicts are not worth solving. Politely ignoring them is also a tactic that has to be trained. And yet for other problems you should attempt to find a solution. Your mind is now set free. For example, a liar may only show you how important the truth is. The weak person wants to encourage you to help. The inconsiderate individual is inciting you to stand up to him. The fool only wants to show you a reflection of yourself. Your fellow human beings may therefore be role players from our future world and consequently know everything about you – even your deepest secrets. This knowledge is often necessary in order to tackle your weak points in a strategic manner. We are naturally very tolerant and in actuality are on your side. That is reassuring, is it not?

By now you may have realized that I have been watching you for a long time, taking notes and analyzing them. Unfortunately, I am compelled to say something else about you personally: Something is not right about you! Your way of thinking is not quite the way it should be. And it is your thinking, of all things, that is so important! It is your way of thinking in general – mainly in your everyday life. You think too quickly and do not question things enough. That is your mistake. This causes you to do many other stupid things. Yes, yes, you are trying your best. But you can see for yourself: I first have to carefully lay out the situation for you. And you still do not quite get it. We therefore need to do some mental exercises. A tricky and, at the same time, very important question works well for this: What will we expect from you once you enter the future world? You have been taught to be quick. But that is not always a good thing! Take the rest of your virtual lifetime to find an answer to this question!
(If you have not guessed it yourself, here is a little hint: It basically involves finding your identity, which will then endure in your real life later. Your identity is what makes your person. Do you already know what is most important to you? Are you really sure of this?)

How are we supposed to deal with the challenging strokes of fate that life has in store for us? Learn to mourn and to hate. Learn to control yourself. And learn to love.
You are now someone who is in the know. Your life is a role play. Try out many roles. Try to imagine yourself as other people. Let your fantasy roam free!
Learn to see the world with the eyes of a child again. Life is only just beginning.
I will now leave you alone again for a few years. Maybe I will get back to you at some time or another– when you least expect it.

Do you now believe in virtual reality? If so, I am sorry to disappoint you. I made everything up. Your life is real. Is it ethical to publish a text like this? Let us assume that you have believed yourself to be in a virtual reality all your life even though everything is real. So what? In that case you will have coped with life in a playful manner, having had fun and, above all, having done something useful – much more so than many other people who take life so desperately seriously. Whether real or virtual, the conclusions are essentially the same: You should be working on yourself and helping to shape the world, while at the same time regarding life as a game.

Do you now no longer believe in virtual reality? If so, I have to tell you that everything written in this text is true. Your life is virtual. You actually live in a virtual reality!

There is yet another possibility: I have made up everything but there is some truth in it all the same.

You now no longer know what is true and what is not? That was precisely my goal: To slowly have you doubt the realness of the world.


Contents and sources
1997,  engl. version 2012
Author: Carsten Zander , Carsten.Zander@t-online.de